by Sable Riley

Becky Gerritson, president of the Wetumpka Tea Party, announced Thursday that she would be challenging Martha Roby for her position as congressional representative of Alabama’s 2nd District in the upcoming Republican primary.
Gerritson immediately began campaigning on a 15-county tour in the 2nd District. She ended her tour in Troy on Saturday, Oct. 3, where she hosted a meet-and-greet session at Momma Goldberg’s Deli.
Gerritson, who received national attention for her public opposition to Internal Revenue Service practices in 2013, has gained some following due to her adherence to traditional conservative values.
She claims that Roby, a member of the Republican Party, does not have a conservative record and is not properly representing her constituents.
“She’s had three terms to prove herself, and she over and over votes with the establishment, rather than listening to her constituents,” Gerritson said.