Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

The resignation of establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is viewed as a victory for conservatives and a major defeat for Boehner’s cronies in the Washington political establishment. However, grassroots conservatives remain in a white hot fury with the GOP’s failed leadership, and merely rearranging the titles of Boehner’s allies isn’t going to mollify them.

The root of this conservative fury isn’t the Capitol Hill GOP leaders’ minimal communications skills and lack of legislative victories – leadership requires no legislative success…

And that’s the silver lining to the incompetence and fecklessness of today’s Republican “leaders” – every time they surrender before the battle even begins they motivate another principled limited government constitutional conservative to file in their Republican congressional primary, like Becky Gerritson has in Alabama-2 (against incumbent Martha Roby), like Frank Roche and Jim Duncan have in NC-2 (against incumbent Renee Ellmers) and like Russell Ramsland is contemplating in TX-32 (against incumbent Pete Sessions).