For Immediate Release: Gerritson Pleased by McCarthy Decision, Calls for Complete Overhaul in Leadership

Becky Gerritson, President of the Wetumpka Tea Party and candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Alabama’s Second Congressional District, issued the following statement following the announcement that Kevin McCarthy would end his campaign for Speaker. Gerritson had previously called the current Majority Leader an “unacceptable choice promising more of the same” during her announcement tour last week.

“We are witnessing a collapse of confidence in the Establishment ruling class as the base of the Republican Party demands better, more conservative government from our leadership. I am pleased that we will not have an unacceptable choice in Kevin McCarthy forced upon us. My hope is for a true conservative candidate to rise up and claim the nomination for Speaker of the House. However, the next Speaker will not have the support he or she needs to lead our Party forward – strong and unified – unless we strengthen the ranks of true conservatives in Congress. The debacle of failed leadership in our Party over the last six years must be laid at the feet of moderate, Establishment politicians. It is time to clean house, restore America’s greatness, and show contrast with Obama’s fundamental transformation.  This underscores why I am running for Congress and I look forward to taking the lead in working with new, conservative leadership to restore the promise of this great nation.”


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