For Immediate Release: Former Congressional candidate Rick Barber endorses Becky Gerritson in AL2

Rick Barber, a 2010 Republican candidate for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, endorsed current candidate Becky Gerritson on Monday, calling her “an inspiration” to himself and to conservatives. Gerritson is the co-founder and president of the nationally-recognized Wetumpka Tea Party and testified before Congress on the IRS’s illegal targeting prior to seeking election.

“In 2010, I rallied beside Martha Roby and asked those of you that supported me to help in ensuring Bobby Bright’s defeat,” Barber said. “However, since being elected we have seen everything but Conservatism from Martha. Almost six years later, her voting record is more liberal than her Democratic predecessor as she has consistently sided with the GOP leadership who have accomplished nothing but allowing Obama’s agenda to continue.

“This election cycle, however, you have another and better option than Martha Roby. You have a true principled conservative with a track record of defending the Constitution, standing up to the IRS and traveling the country fighting for freedom. She was the inspiration to my campaign in 2010 and continues to be an inspiration today; which is why I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement of Becky Gerritson as your next U.S. Congressional Representative.”

Despite overwhelming financial and institutional support going toward Roby, the choice of Speaker John Boehner, in 2010, Rick Barber earned tremendous grassroots support and built a strong challenge. The strong conservative had high praise for Gerritson who looks to build on the support Barber had six years ago.

“She will not remain silent, waiver, hide behind show votes or align with the career politicians. Becky is the model of the leadership we need in Washington and her record of performance and accomplishment over the last six years clearly shows it.”

Barber’s statement ended with a call to action. “Winning will not be easy,” he said, citing Roby’s powerful Washington connections and backing from establishment sources afraid of “a principled conservative like Becky holding them accountable.”

Cited as a true “team player,” during that 2010 campaign for throwing his full support behind the nominee despite intense attacks from Roby’s camp and Barber’s own concerns about her ideological consistency, Barber has made it clear that concerns held by conservatives about Roby in 2010 have been realized. The former candidate is unabashed in throwing his full weight the 2016 challenger who hopes to unite the Party behind conservative principles.

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