Congressional candidate Becky Gerritson (R-Wetumpka) issued a statement and signed pledge Monday stating a firm promise to oppose any legislation or measure that would allow the intake of un-vetted Syrian refugees within the borders of the United States. The noted conservative leader urged other political candidates and elected officials nationwide to do the same and oppose Obama’s “Islamic Importation Plan.”

“I promise to fight President Obama’s open arms policy and oppose all legislation that invites danger into the lives of the men, women, and children of this great nation,” Gerritson states in her pledge. “In essence, this is Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan; and we cannot risk adopting his strategy that fails to screen against importing terrorists into this country.”

The conservative candidate has also made it clear that her opponent has already disqualified herself from signing the pledge.

If Obama is naïve, what does that make Martha?

“Martha has rightfully earned the moniker ‘Show Vote Martha,’” said Gerritson. “When she thinks people are watching, she will occasionally force herself to do what she believes will enhance her electoral chances. However, she shows her true colors when she believes voters do not pay attention. She voted to bring the budget bill that fully funded Obama’s left-wing refugee plan to a vote. Unfortunately for her, voters will not be fooled when she attempts in vain to convince them that she has placed their security interests as her utmost priority.”

Gerritson also commented on Roby’s declaration that Obama was naïve for pushing for this mass infusion of thousands of potential terrorists.

“If Obama is naïve, what does that make Martha?” asked Gerritson. “Once again our congressional representative, who claims to know better, has proven complicit with the liberal agenda in Washington. The people of Alabama are tired of Martha’s empty rhetoric, pathetic show votes, and complicity and partnership with a Washington ruling class that continues to put our security, our national sovereignty, and our very way of life in jeopardy to suit their agenda. Having seen Martha take votes to fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty and now his ‘Islamic Importation Plan,’ the people of District 2 have lost all faith in her ability to represent us.”

A champion of the conservative movement who earned national attention with her testimony before Congress regarding the abuses of the IRS, Gerritson made it clear her position is based in compassion- not a lack of it.

“The safety of American people must come first,” said Gerritson. “This president’s incoherent foreign policy has largely caused this crisis, and my heart goes out to all those who have been displaced. What we cannot afford, however, is the mass importation of un-vetted, undocumented refugees who come from a warring part of the world that is home to many who cling to an ideology of American hatred. Not all who we would bring over would feel this way, but the risk of even one terrorist getting through is far too great and the cost is far too terrible for us to allow bleeding heart liberals and status quo politicians to dictate our policy on this issue.”

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