As I travel around my district campaigning for Congress, the common refrain I hear from concerned voters is, “why aren’t we fighting?” Yes, voters are concerned about taxes, angry about the way their money is spent, and worried about the erosion of the values that made this nation great. But, more than frustration over specific issues or even outrage at Democrats, voters are most concerned that the Republicans they elect- those who claim to be conservative- refuse to even fight the liberal agenda in Washington.

There is no greater reason that underscores why I am running. As an activist, I am tired of working harder to turn this country around than those who feign to represent our interests!

My opponent, Martha Roby, has been the epitome of a “White Flag Republican” over the course of her three terms in Congress. A career politician, she has stood only for the status quo and opposed efforts to make the changes needed to save our country.

As Martha seeks to explain her record, she asks concerned voters to give her points for “trying hard.” Then, she turns to attack me and fellow conservatives by saying that fighting for principles means that we will lose vital funding, that our military bases will be shut down, and that we will lose our ability to thrive as a nation.

We can no longer allow Establishment politicians to tell this lie!

The hope for DC insiders is to convince the public that there is a false choice- that the only way we can fund our military is to expand the size and scope of government and spend our way into oblivion. Fortunately, the American people are waking up, and they refuse to stand by and let our politicians continue to lie to us, break their promises, and refuse to stand strong against the liberal Washington agenda.

I am committed to fighting. I am committed to standing for principle. And, I am determined to cut the size and scope of government AND providing a robust national defense.

The American people are fed up with this pathetic Congress, their lies, and their tired arguments. While I have been concerned about many aspects of Paul Ryan’s record, I do hope that he can provide a change in tone. We deserve better than a Congress that surrenders at every debt ceiling, waves the white flag in the face of Planned Parenthood, and refuses to even contemplate holding this president accountable for his unconstitutional executive orders.

I look forward to doing my part to change the culture in Washington, and I hope other challengers around the country will likewise take up the banner of conservative principles, succeed on Election Day, and hold fast to their campaign promises once elected.

Together, we can change the direction of this nation. But first, we must change the people who lead us. If you want to end the days of Congress waving the white flag before the battle even starts, vote for me, vote for someone new and committed to principle, and let’s work to turn this country around.