Today we remember the horrors of Pearl Harbor, and we realize, once again, we are a nation under attack. Just as then, we deal with a cowardly enemy—one who refuses to act within laws of combat or moral standard. Just as then, we must respond with vigilance, knowing who our enemy is, and making certain that we have a clear strategy for victory.

That is exactly the kind of approach I will take as your representative in Congress.

When I was homeschooling my daughter, I loved teaching her about history. You see, when you know our history, you can learn powerful lessons for the present and future. Even a modest understanding of history shows something this President—and even my opponent—fail to understand: that you cannot let the enemy in the gates.

As your representative, I will not take a single vote that funds Obama’s Islamic Importation Plan. I will aggressively fund our military, and I will be relentless in reducing a national debt that threatens the ability of our nation to defend itself. Moreover, I will never fail to realize that we are a nation under attack, a people with enemies who hate us for our faith and way of life, and a country that must remain armed and vigilant.

The horrors of Pearl Harbor remain with us 74 years later. May we use today as a time for introspection and a call for increased seriousness as we renew the fight. This President and this Congress have failed us in this effort. Today, as we remember one of the greatest atrocities our nation has ever seen, I ask for your help to restore American strength and remind our members of Congress that we are under attack and that we must respond accordingly.