I am tired of the political correctness! It’s time to call a spade a spade, to see it like it is, and to speak truth.

If you agree and you are tired of career politicians who speak to appease the media and other members of the Establishment instead of speaking truth, please contribute $25 to my campaign today.

As the countless Republicans rush to defend Islamists against the strong words of Donald Trump, I continue to shake my head in disgust at their refusal to speak truth.

It’s time that the Establishment realize that Islam is not a “religion of peace” but rather a totalitarian political movement that seeks to impose Shariah  on every other culture.  It’s an ideology of manipulation, destruction, and warmongering. It is a way of life that preys on women, wages war against Christians, seeks the annihilation of Israel, and hates the United States of America. It is a “join or die” system that rules and fights through fear and is completely antithetical to American law.  Yes, my friends, there are many great Americans who are Muslims, but it is time that our so-called “leaders” realize that terrorism and this hateful philosophy go hand in hand.

There may be viable concerns regarding implementation of the policy of barring Muslim immigrants proposed by Donald Trump in recent days, but I am disgusted by the reaction of Establishment Republicans.

Instead of discussing the merits, these career politicians—eager to appease the elites with politically correct rhetoric—have resorted to nastiness to criticize concerned, conservative Americans, like you and me, who simply desire to keep our people safe.

As your representative in Congress, I will always speak the truth. I will stand for what is right, and I will never, ever adjust what I say in order to appease media elites with political correctness. If you agree this is what we need, join us today!

In Liberty,

Becky Gerritson


P.S. It’s time we have leadership in Washington that will stand with true conservatives like Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, and Mo Brooks. We will never turn this country around by being politically correct. If you want a truth-speaking Congresswoman, please contribute $25 to my campaign today.