by Ken Crow,

Like many of you many of you, while I knew of Becky Gerritson’s name from Tea Party circles going back to 2009, I did not know who Becky was on a personal level until her now famous impassioned address to a Congressional Sub-Committee over the IRS abuses against Tea Party groups.

I first met Becky Gerritson in Washington, D. C. two years ago at the D. C. March for Jobs event where i was speaking at the United States Capitol. Becky was there to support our nation once again as she has done so many times before, only, this time, it was to protest with us Senator Marco Rubio’s and the Gang of 8, Senate bill SB744 which would have (for all intents and purposes) granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who have entered our nation illegally.

I can tell you from personal experience, Becky is warm, gracious, passionate about our nation…