Long-time conservative Republican activist Troy Towns, whose leadership of the ALGOP Minority Outreach efforts yielded highly regarded candidates and tremendous success with reaching voters in Democrat strongholds, endorsed Becky Gerritson’s bid to represent Alabama’s Second Congressional District today.

“I’ve often said that I’m a Christian first, conservative second, and Republican third, and Becky Gerritson is very much a kindred spirit in that regard,” Towns said. “Becky’s faith defines her and her principles guide her in everything she does. We will never have to wonder about Becky’s motivations in Congress. She will serve her Lord and her constituents. She will stand on principle, and she will be a rock for conservatism. Far too often career politicians put Party or personal ambition, above these principles. This has been the obvious case with Rep. Roby. Her voting record speaks for itself. It is time that we have a representative in Washington who is a bold fighter, a leader, and a champion for all people.”

Towns has served numerous positions within the Republican Party and is a resident in Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

“We need a true conservative, and we have that in Becky Gerritson,” Towns continued. “I am fully confident that she will stand for our military, for all people of District 2, for a return to limited government, for our values, for fiscal responsibility, and for policies that allow each and every citizen and their families the opportunity to rise through society. We are blessed that Becky has decided to step forward, and I look forward to partnering with her to spread her message that conservatism works for all people and that, together, we can restore the promise of this great nation.”

Gerritson noted that Towns has already begun working to spread her conservative message.

“I am so thankful to Troy for all he has done to spread the message of conservatism to people across Alabama, and I am so glad that he has thrown his support behind my grassroots campaign” said Gerritson. “Too often our Party has lost its way when it comes to standing on principle. Too often, we are associated with being the Party of the rich, the powerful, the connected, and the few. As I travel the district, voters are wary of this direction that failed politicians like John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Martha Roby have led us down. Troy is a true ambassador for what it means to be a conservative and for carrying a message of shared values to all who will hear. I look forward to working with Troy to return our Party to these principles, to grow our Party with likeminded grassroots conservatives, and to win this crucial campaign.”