“Principle matters” is a reoccurring phrase tossed around every election cycle. The candidates will always try and promise you more and more incentives to vote for them, and as soon as they get into office they turn around and do the opposite.

The Democrats ran on a platform of protecting civil liberties- they lied.

The Republicans ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility- they lied.

Everyday, more and more statesmen dedicated to the US Constitution become more vocal though. Men like Senator Chris McDaniel have shown lovers of liberty inside the two major parties are willing to take a stand:

“We want a party of principle. We want a party of liberty. We want a party that defends the Constitution. Anything less is unacceptable. What we’re witnessing now is not the party of Reagan. The lobbyists, the insiders, they’ve corrupted the party for whatever their own use for it is. We want a party of liberty for all Americans and that’s exactly what the conservative base is calling for.”

Without a chance of Libertarian candidates reaching higher levels of office most of the time, we are often left with choosing between one poison or another. Thankfully, within the establishment parties we have some individuals who instil hope in this young Libertarian and others, men such as Democrat Senators Jim Webb and Corey Booker, and Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Justin Amash, Dave Bratt, Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul. Sometimes within rooms of darkness there can be specks of light who go against all odds to make a difference. Sometimes we have to go against large institutions and heavy powers at hand in order to have a real clear choice, not a slivering chance.

That is why this upcoming 2016 election I am endorsing Republican challenger to establishment progressive Rep. Martha Roby- Becky Gerritson.