As the Gerritson campaign steams ahead, congressional candidate Becky Gerritson made this statement:

I am proud to announce that our grassroots campaign has exceeded $100,000 in contributions! This is amazing in just 3 short months over the holidays. The funds came from concerned conservative individuals who agree that District 2 deserves better representation. The fact that almost 80% came from individuals giving an average of $65 shows the breadth of the grassroots excitement for my campaign.

This outpouring of support surpasses our goal for this stage of the campaign. We are opening new doors for fundraising every day. While I know that my opponent will outspend me as much as 20-1 over the course of this campaign, I am confident that we will be successful in getting our message out. We are primed for victory as polls show us within striking distance and closing the gap.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the support that I have received. You have given sacrificially, not only of your money, but of your time to make phone calls, knock on doors, and most importantly, to pray for me. You are the wind beneath my wings! Together, we will deliver a victory that will send shockwaves to the political Establishment and finally give District 2 the conservative representation it deserves!