Longtime conservative talk-show host and Montgomery resident Greg Budell began the week by throwing his full, official support behind congressional candidate Becky Gerritson.

“I’ve been honored several times over the years to have Becky on my show,” Budell said, “and each time I came away more impressed than the last with her vision for our state and country, her unwavering commitment to conservative ideals, and the cutting sharpness of her political insight. Unlike our current representative whose moderate roots have become increasingly apparent since her first term, Becky is and has remained the kind of true, red-blooded conservative this district deserves.”

Budell continued, citing Roby’s habitual inaction and quickly forgotten promises, including her support of budget programs that have heightened the national debt, gutted the national defense, halted the enforcement of immigration laws, and allowed the Affordable Care Act to continue year after year.

“It is time for courageous, principled conservative representation,” he said.

“Martha Roby won a primary with 57 percent support in 2010 and has parlayed it into three terms. From where I sit, listening day after day to the people’s concerns, worries and anger at the willful destruction of our Republic, it’s clear we need a fresh voice.

“We need a woman with the energy and passion to fight for the people who produce for America—who pay the taxes and bear the burden—and demand to be heard, and that is why I heartily and without reservation endorse Becky Gerritson for Congress in 2016.”

Gerritson, running her first campaign for public office against three-term incumbent Martha Roby, said Budell’s endorsement meant much to her both personally and politically.

“Greg is someone I admire for the many year’s he’s spent watching and commenting on politics in the south, pushing tens of thousands to stand strong in the fight to maintain conservative principles,” she said.

“I am both humbled and flattered to have his seal of approval, and I’m excited and hopeful to gain the support of his many faithful listeners, as well. This nation needs people like Greg who are willing to speak up and make conservative voices heard, and that’s exactly what I am finally offering to the people of Alabama District 2: the opportunity to have their needs and values brought to the national stage.”

Host of Happy Hour with Greg Budell and the News Talk 93.1 FM morning show at WACV in Montgomery, Budell is a nearly 40-year radio veteran with shows in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Chicago before settling in Alabama’s second district. Happy Hour with Greg Budell has become top-rated radio program in Central Alabama, reaching 50,000 people per week.

His joins a quickly expanding list of conservative endorsements for the congressional challenger looking to unseat the Republican career politician FreedomWorks rated 15 points more liberal than the Democrat she succeeded.

Gerritson will face Roby in the primary election on March 1. More information about Gerritson can be found atwww.beckyforcongress.com, and more on Budell atwww.newstalk931.com.