Montgomery, AL – Jenny Beth Martin, chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, released a statement today endorsing Becky Gerritson to be the next representative for Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

“On behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and its hundreds of thousands of supporters, I am proud to endorse Becky Gerritson for the Republican nomination for Congress in Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

“Becky is a freedom-loving American woman who never intended to become politically active, or run for public office; but, like many tens of thousands of Americans, she became fed up with the direction of the country and decided to take action.

“President Obama’s election, and the $787 billion Wall Street bailout that followed, first inspired Becky and her husband to get involved politically. Becky created and led the Wetumpka Tea Party, then traveled across the country, engaging citizens and bringing them into our grassroots movement.

“Apparently, she was very effective. How do we know? The IRS targeted her and her group, that’s how. And when given the opportunity to speak truth to power, Becky didn’t waver for a moment – she called out the IRS in front of Congress, and became one of the faces of the targeting scandal. Becky’s testimony before Congress reverberates to this day with the grassroots activists who share her passion for the issues.

“She opposes President Obama’s Common Core education mandates, and she has championed limiting the size and scope of the federal government.

“The great people of the Alabama’s Second Congressional District deserve a representative who doesn’t just understand and live the values of America’s working families, but who will be a tireless fighter for those values – right from the start. We urge all voters in Alabama’s Second District to vote for Becky Gerritson, the conservative leader they deserve in Congress.”