Conservative champion Becky Gerritson continues to draw support from across the district, state and nation today, as she picked up a new endorsement from radio host and Baptist minister Cleon Lewis “C.L.” Bryant.

“I have spent years advocating for real, conscientious conservatives to stop playing political games and bring us back to where this country was supposed to be,” Bryant said. “Becky is the kind of determined, moral, no-nonsense candidate that will do exactly that while her opponent poses for pictures with the Speaker.”

Rev. Bryant is the host of Shreveport, Louisiana-based radio talk show, “The C. L. Bryant Show: American on the Edge,” which he based on—and receives frequent comparisons to—“The Rush Limbaugh Show.” In addition, Bryant is an ordained pastor in the Baptist Church, the author of conservative non-fiction “Lead Us to Temptation, Deliver Us to Evil,” producer of independent documentary “Runaway Slave,” and a senior fellow with the conservative think tank FreedomWorks.

As a Louisiana resident, Bryant’s endorsement represents Gerritson’s increasing clout beyond her home state of Alabama. As Gerritson’s speech before Congress on the IRS’s illegal targeting practices drew national media attention, Bryant said he was one of many conservatives across the country who were impressed by her passion for issues that affect all Americans.

“I knew then that this was the kind of leader we need in our government,” Bryant said, “and she’s only proven that more and more as her campaign has progressed.”

Bryant joins a growing list of high-profile endorsements from conservative politicians, commentators and activists nationwide, including Alabama GOP and Tea Party leaders, the Madison Project, ConservativeHQ, and more.

“I am so grateful for C.L.’s vote of confidence and I’m continually overwhelmed by the support this campaign has gotten from people far outside of Alabama District 2,” Gerritson said.

“I think it shows that we’re on to something. The people of Alabama, and the people of America, want leaders they know will be accountable to them, and representatives who vote the way the people want, not ones who vote for favors or political alliances. National politics have turned into a frighteningly complex machine and the voters are tired of it. We need elected leaders who work for their constituents—it’s as simple as that—and I’m excited to see more and more Americans speak out for that.”