Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative grassroots political organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly, is proud to endorse conservative leader Becky Gerritson against incumbent Martha Roby in Alabama’s Second District. Mrs. Schlafly released the following statement:

“While President Obama has repeatedly attacked the very foundation of our nation, Republican leaders in Congress have failed to respond in a meaningful way. Rep. Martha Roby has been with them all too often.

“Although she was elected in the conservative wave of 2010, Roby scores lower than every other member of the Alabama Republican delegation on numerous conservative score cards, including those of Eagle Forum, Heritage Action, Club for Growth, Madison Project, and Conservative Review. Despite the clear mandate from the grassroots to restore discipline to Congress by rejecting business as usual, more times than not, Roby has voted for the interests of the Washington insiders instead of the values of her constituents.

“For example, since coming to Congress, except for the most recent (December 2015) as she faces a primary challenge, Roby has voted for every omnibus spending bill, including the CRomnibus in December 2014 that funded Obama’s amnesties. Most disturbing is her vote – along with every Democrat in the House and Senate – for final passage of the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” the latest overhaul of the American education system which has been criticized by informed conservative academicians as ‘Common Core on Steroids.’