On Saturday, January 30 the membership of the Alabama Republican Assembly met to consider their endorsements in the March 1 Republican Party. The conservative group endorsed incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R) for six more years in the U.S. Senate; while endorsing Congressional challengers: Larry DiChiara, Becky Gerritson, and Dean Young over the GOP incumbents.

The Republican Assembly calls itself the “Reagan wing” of the Republican Party, the Republican Assembly supports the right to keep and bear arms, lower taxes through less government, the right to life, and a strong national defense.

Alabama Republican Assembly President Jennifer Montrose explained in a statement, “This group of conservative citizens determined to ask tough questions on taxes, Common Core, and national security, among other issues. We are proud to endorse this strong slate of constitutional Conservatives. We are hoping that 2016 is a year when true conservatives take leadership in our state and in our nation.”