The researcher who discovered communist ties to Barack Obama, Trevor Loudon, announced his support for Becky Gerritson in the hotly contested Republican primary in Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

“Researching the radical Left has been my passion for more than 30 years,” said Loudon. “Over the years, I have discovered that they have made big gains because of too many weak and appeasing  “Republicans” in Washington.  I can say with absolute certainty that the left will  not worry if  Martha Roby  continues her spineless tenure in the Second Congressional District. The “progressives” will only fear  a true conservative like Becky Gerritson, who will actually stand up to the radical Left and oppose the Obama-Clinton-Pelosi-Sanders agenda.”

Loudon is the Founder of and has spoken all over the country after being the source for numerous discoveries about Barack Obama’s radical past. Gerritson expressed gratitude for his support.

“No one understands the goals and agenda of the radical Left like Trevor Loudon, and I am proud to have his support as I seek to stand up for the conservative movement,” said Gerritson. “Only if conservatives stand together can we undo the work of Barack Obama and return our nation to what our Founders intended.”

With increasing momentum, Gerritson has emerged as a strong challenger to career politician Martha Roby. Endorsements from groups like Tea Party Patriots, Eagle Forum, Citizens United as well as leading conservatives like Trevor Loudon have helped fuel Gerritson’s nationally recognized campaign.