Becky Gerritson is a Born Free American Woman committed to restoring this nation to what our Founders intended- a shining city on a hill where life, liberty, and economic opportunity is a promise not a platitude.

Born and raised in Colorado, Becky is not from a political family and never aspired for public office. However, the Lord has led her every step to where she is today. Blessed to meet her husband Eric, a US Airman stationed in Germany, the young couple committed to follow the Lord and have sought to serve him throughout their life. The Gerritsons welcomed their daughter, Shelley, to the family in 1995.

Eric’s service in the military led the family across the globe, and Becky home-schooled their daughter and committed to participating in community life at every stop, learning about military life as well local cultures.

The Gerritsons moved to and fell in love with Alabama in 2002 and have lived in the same home in Wetumpka since that time.

In 2008, the family shifted from being conservative voters to being engaged activists. Having attended a Christian conference a year earlier where they were encouraged to get more engaged, the September passage of the $700 billion bailout led them to increased alarm at the state of our nation. Following the election of liberal President Barack Obama and the $787 billion bailout that followed, Becky and Eric knew it was time to act.

With “TEA parties” (Taxed Enough Already) cropping up across the nation, the Gerritsons decided to launch an April 15th Tax Day TEA Party rally in Wetumpka. Becky took Shelley door to door, passed out fliers around the neighborhoods, and took to the radio to inform the public. She was blown away by the hundreds that showed up to the event, Co-founding the Wetumpka Tea Party with Eric, Becky’s passion and natural ability to convey conservative principles soon made her one of Alabama’s foremost activist leaders. She was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Alabama Constitutional Revision Commission and was named Alabama State Coordinator for

In 2012, Becky began getting involved on a national level as well. Working with B!G Voices Media, she traveled around the country interviewing key conservative leaders and educating the conservative grassroots movement.  She was also a regional grassroots coordinator with Code Red USA which focused on sending conservative activists from safe “red” (conservative) states to work on the ground going door to door in vulnerable “purple” states.

A year later, Becky’s national involvement led to national attention. A primary target of the IRS scandal, she was called upon to testify regarding the abuses before Congress. Her heartfelt, passionate, and articulate testimony not only drew attention to the sins of the IRS it also put voice to the frustration felt by many Americans toward a government that had far outgrown what it was intended to be. Becky’s words inspired the masses and have served as a galvanizing force for the movement.

Passionate about teaching and educating Americans as well as standing for conservative principles, Becky has continued to oppose Common Core, fight the IRS, and stand for limiting the role of the federal government like the Founders intended.

Now, Becky sees the dysfunction in Washington and the failure of the Establishment and feels compelled to step forward. A concerned citizen, wife, and mother Becky is NOT a politician. This Born Free American Woman stands ready to serve the people of Alabama in Congress.

Proud to fight for us, Becky and her husband- still working with but now retired from the military- reside in Wetumpka and are glad to be close to their daughter Shelley and new husband Omar.

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