Alabama State School Board member endorses Gerritson

Betty Peters Endorses Becky Gerritson as True Education Reformer Fresh off the heels of her opponent’s vote to reauthorize the latest federal education bill called ESSA, Becky Gerritson received an endorsement from one of the state’s top education officials.  Betty... read more

Rev. CL Bryant Endorses Becky Gerritson for Congress

Conservative champion Becky Gerritson continues to draw support from across the district, state and nation today, as she picked up a new endorsement from radio host and Baptist minister Cleon Lewis “C.L.” Bryant. “I have spent years advocating for real, conscientious... read more

Remso Martinez: Why I am Endorsing Becky Gerritson

“Principle matters” is a reoccurring phrase tossed around every election cycle. The candidates will always try and promise you more and more incentives to vote for them, and as soon as they get into office they turn around and do the opposite. The Democrats ran on a... read more

Ken Crow endorses Becky for Congress

by Ken Crow, Like many of you many of you, while I knew of Becky Gerritson’s name from Tea Party circles going back to 2009, I did not know who Becky was on a personal level until her now famous impassioned address to a Congressional Sub-Committee over the IRS... read more