Guided by her faith, a sincere belief in conservative principles, and a love for the Constitution, Becky Gerritson is a leader committed to her core beliefs. While politicians in Washington have been willing to forsake principle in order to cling to office, Becky is a concerned citizen who refuses to adopt the “go along to get along” attitude of career politicians. As our congresswoman, Becky Gerritson will focus her attention on the following issues:

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwFAMILY VALUES

Unapologetically pro-life, Becky believes we need leaders willing to stand up for the most innocent among us. Becky will not just take pro-life positions. She will BE the pro-life leader the unborn so desperately need.

Additionally, Becky will stand up for natural marriage and parental rights while opposing the federal government’s efforts to indoctrinate our children. A strong Christian, Becky believes that strong societies have faith in their Lord and place the family unit as the most vital institution to community success.


Barack Obama has unconstitutionally used the authority of his office to assault free speech, the right to assemble, rights of conscience, and the right to worship our God. Having been the target of the IRS because of her group’s conservative views, Becky knows firsthand how out-of-control this president’s assault on our First Amendment rights are.

Moreover, the Supreme Court also has used their power to assert their liberal agenda above the rights bestowed upon us by God and recognized by our Constitution. It is time the representatives of WE THE PEOPLE, step up to protect the pastors, bakers, florists, conservatives, gun owners, Christians, and all Americans from having their rights taken away.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwSECOND AMENDMENT

Our Founders wrote that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A proud advocate for the Second Amendment, Becky vows that your rights will not be assaulted through legislation or through unconstitutional Executive Order. In Congress, Becky will work to repeal existing laws that take away rights of law abiding citizens like you as well as oppose tooth and nail the efforts of liberals to undermine the Constitution in the future.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwSEPARATION OF POWERS

Our Constitution is clear: the Congress- the representatives of WE THE PEOPLE- is the ONLY branch of government granted the authority to make laws. Executive orders that replace legislation and Supreme Court rulings that rewrite laws and violate the Constitution are not authorities given to those branches of government.

In Congress, Becky will work to return power back to the Legislative branch and hold lawless executives and unelected judges accountable for failing to uphold the Constitution they are sworn to protect and defend.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwTAXES & SPENDING

A leading member of the nationwide Tea Party movement, Becky believes we are Taxed Enough Already! The burden created by out of control politicians needs to shift from Main St. and back to the Capitol. You should not have to pay for their mistakes! Moreover, a target of the IRS, Becky will look to abolish this tyrannical agency and simplify our out-of-control tax code.

In Congress, Becky will reign in out-of-control spending and reorient our government back toward funding a successful military and eliminating waste and areas of spending where the government does not belong. If our federal government tightens its belt- like families of the Second Congressional District- we can have a strong national defense, lower tax rates, and leave a financially stable nation to our kids and grandkids.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwFOURTH AMENDMENT

It is time that we stop thinking of the security of the American people as something we have to work around the Constitution to achieve. In fighting the IRS, Becky has seen firsthand what lengths a government hostile to conservatives and Christians will do to stifle those beliefs. Fear of such a government is exactly why the Founders wrote the Fourth Amendment. Committed to keeping us safe, Becky is unflinching in her dedication to work within the Constitution of the United States to do so.


Amnesty is not an option for those whose first act in this country is to violate its laws. Becky believes in securing our border, giving our boots on the ground the tools they need to succeed, and eliminating the “carrots” like free healthcare, tuition, and easy to find jobs that drive illegal immigrants here.

Obama’s Executive Amnesty must also be dealt with, and Becky will work to make certain that such laws are not made by fiat. Our Congress must deal with this problem, enforce our laws, and restore the faith and confidence of the American people who are tired of seeing jobs taken and national security risked by this issue that has plagued our nation for decades.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwJOBS & THE ECONOMY

Government does not create jobs, but it certainly can stifle economic creativity and entrepreneurship. In Congress, Becky is committed to cutting red tape and regulation, eliminating Obamacare, and curtailing the authority of Washington’s out-of-control agencies. We can and we will create the economic conditions that will put Alabamians back to work.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwCONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP

The Republican Party is supposed to be the Party that embraces conservative principles. Unfortunately, we have seen our Party often fail in that regard. Since taking control of Congress in 2010, moderate, Establishment Republicans have added $4.1 trillion to our debt and have failed to stop Obama’s radical agenda. We need new conservative leadership!

As our representative in Washington, Becky will fight for the conservative principles that made this country great. Limited government, respect for the right to life and the family unit, and adherence to the Constitution are not just campaign platitudes. They are the foundation for a free and prosperous society.

Our nation needs real leadership. We need a return to our founding principles. From supporting the election of a true conservative for Speaker to fighting the liberal agenda every day, Becky is the leader we need standing up for our values in Congress.


The Second Congressional District relies heavily on agriculture for its economic prosperity, and Becky will be a strong ally to our farmers and producers. From opposing regulation, to separating food stamps from the Farm Bill to allow for real support to our farmers, and modernizing the way the federal government sees the industry, Becky will be a strong advocate for agriculture in Washington.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwEDUCATION & COMMON CORE

A long-time opponent of Common Core, Becky supports the elimination of the federal Department of Education and the empowerment of local school boards, administrators, teachers, and, most importantly, parents. Having been a leader in Alabama’s Anti-Common Core task force and been the Alabama State Coordinator for, this cause is near and dear to Becky’s heart- an educator herself.

It is time that we end the pathetic standard based teaching, liberal indoctrination, and top-down approach of federal control of education and do right by our kids and those who truly have their best interests at heart.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwTENTH AMENDMENT

The federal government has overstepped its bounds, and all three branches are guilty of intruding upon the rights of our states. A believer that decisions are best made at the state and local level, Becky will work to eliminate the federal Department of Education and abolish the IRS. She will also look at other federal agencies, such as the EPA, that are asserting themselves into our states, our businesses, our properties, and our lives.

It is time to restore power back to our states, and Becky is committed to eliminating those agencies, laws, and agendas that give the federal government too much power.


Obamacare MUST be repealed. While there have been numerous symbolic votes to do just that, Becky is the kind of leader who will not stop with merely raising her hand in support of eliminating this job-killing, freedom-violating law. Becky will actually DO something about the problem, standing with conservatives like Ted Cruz to use every legislative weapon in her arsenal to do so.

Once Obamacare is repealed, Becky will work with others to find conservative, free market solutions to health care that will lower costs and provide real choices to consumers. By allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines and encouraging real competition, we can see significant progress in affordability and quality of care.


A proud military wife, Becky believes there is no greater obligation our federal government has than providing a strong military to its citizens and taking care of all who serve- both during their service AND once they return home. In Congress, Becky will fight for Maxwell-Gunter and for Ft. Rucker as they remain crucial to our ability to defend our people. Moreover, she will fight for a robust, smart military budget to make sure our soldiers have everything they need to be safe and successful.

A believer in national security- not global engagement- Becky also is committed to seeing that any time we commit soldiers to battle we have a clear strategic objective and a strong national interest. The lives and energies of our soldiers are far too precious to be put in jeopardy by this president’s reckless, feckless, and incoherent foreign policy.

Finally, Becky believes that we owe our veterans the very best, and it is disgusting how poorly we have done by them. It is time for a top-down, bottom-up investigation of the VA and for a commitment to real solutions. Our veterans deserve better, and Becky will make sure they get it.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwSTANDS WITH ISRAEL

Special Relationship- The United States and Israel share a special bond and relationship similar to but probably having more current relevance than the relationship the U.S. has enjoyed with Britain. To me, this means that we do not enter discussions involving the state of Israel, the safety or security of that nation or its people, or the stability of the Middle East as a neutral observer. While we must always consider American interests first, the United States must consider, as a priority, the needs and interests of our friend Israel. Our two nations share common values, and, therefore, common enemies, and we must look after each other.

Special and Strategic Ally- More than just a friend, Israel is a strategic ally in the midst of a sea of hostility. Surrounded by people who hate them- those who are also enemies of ours- they face great threat. The people of Israel, as well as those who would do them harm, must know that we have their back. Likewise, when America asserts leadership in the Middle East, we must know that Israel will stand with us. As the traditional powers in Europe fade and become infested due to weak immigration policies, the number of allies we can count on grows few. Israel is an ally placed in danger as well as close in proximity to locations where our own troops would be at risk, and they are one of the few allies with the strength and boldness needed to stand with us in our efforts. They must know they can count on us as well.

Radical Islam- Americans and Israelis are hated by our enemies by virtue of who we are. Radical Islamic jihadists hate the West, Christians, and Jews. We need leaders that understand that we face shared enemies that do not consist simply of nations or leaders but adherents to a radical ideology of hatred. This is an ideology that cannot be reasoned with, bought off, or negotiated with from a position of weakness. They only understand that they hate us, and we must force them to also see that their acting on that hatred will result in an unrelenting show of force by their more well equipped adversaries.

The Holocaust- Deniers of the Holocaust must be placed on terror Watch Lists and the states and leaders that choose to deny the occurrence of this genocide ought to see their nations placed under sanction. The only reason for denying this historical event is to incite violence upon our friend Israel.

Foreign Assistance- Largely, I am opposed to foreign assistance both as a budgetary principle and in its application- where we see our hard earned tax dollars going toward funding our enemies. However, I see an exception with the nation of Israel. While I hope our friend recognizes we are in the midst of a debt crisis, we must also recognize that our friend is in the midst of a sea of hostile neighbors, and we must help them.

Iran- Like most Americans, I was appalled that the Israeli Prime Minister made a clear request of our nation to change course on the Iran agreement, and we refused to do so. When our friend says that we are endangering their well being, we must respond! I firmly believe that Iran has no intention of honoring even this weakest of agreements, and my hope is that our leaders step up.

Jerusalem- I believe in protecting Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and its people. No other nation or people has a rightful claim to that holy city, and I believe any effort toward peace must reserve Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Terrorism and ISIS- We have seen terrible, tragic terror attacks in our nation. Sadly, the nation of Israel sees them on such a frequent basis it would be background noise if not for the horror it wrought. We must root out terror, find those who want to harm us, kill them and their allies, cut off their funding, and eliminate those who adhere to this radical ideology. ISIS is a real and growing threat as a state based on terror. For the sake of our future and that of Israel, we must defeat ISIS and secure a real and lasting victory in the War on Terror.

becky-gerritson-eagle.fwREPRESENTING THE DISTRICT

In Congress, Becky will be focused on making sure the needs of the district are heard and the principles the voters elected her to stand on are fought for. While fighting every day for our bases, our values, and our way of life, Becky will always have an open ear to her constituents. As career politicians care more and more about K-Street and Wall Street, Becky’s focus will be on the district and its people. A concerned citizen at heart, her campaign is about returning power to YOU, and her door will always be open.

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